Epic Custom Dodge Valiant 1973

This old Custom Dodge Valiant 1973 does look stylish muscle car with a stocky body posture and muscular. Moreover, the owner gave a solid pattern again consistent both in the interior and exterior. Thus making the Dodge Valiant Charger was impressed alerts 1973 different from the others, and eye-catching.

Just so you know, this car concept was adopted from one of die cast model cars modified version. Moving on from there, the owner, who works as a modifier jerked her instincts and had the brilliant idea to dress the American car produced by Dodge manufacturer in Australia to become more muscular.

Custom Dodge Valiant 1973 Photo

In order to boost the impression of muscle while maintaining the classic style on the exterior, presented a model spherical shell lamps. the owner is also redesigning part lattice grille with two large models as enveloped the muzzle. No less interesting position retractable head lamp positioned inside the gaping grille. See : 2016 Cool Dodge Magnum Bolt Pattern

Although the concept of custom Dodge Valiant 1973 came from a toy but a renovation project that worked. Cultivation of mature serious calculations can be seen on display there. But very unfortunate spin that occurs focused on the look of it.

Custom Valiant Charger 1973 wallpaper

Details Custom Dodge Valiant 1973

Interior, almost every side gets significant changes and unsightly. The original is only the top of the dashboard alone. While the compartment is designed so simple and match the exterior color. The following custom patterned dash display autometer helped bring sporty impression on the steering cabin.

Custom Dodge Charger 1973 Photo

For the machine does not receive much polish. As the owner of the booster engine performance ported and polished. Impression unfolding through muscle car engine scoop perched on the hood. Then the exhaust system enhanced with a header from stainless material. Total construction for four months, said the owner. See : How to Choose Dodge Magnum Custom Interior

Exterior parts have grill custom, custom fog lamp, custom spoiler, rear bumper fit body, tail lights custom Suzuki Jimny, Holden Primary headlights. And in Interior side have full Murano, autometer Auto Gauge, dasbor custom, shifter custom, consol custom, pedal set lighter Maltis Cross, plafon suede


2016 Cool Dodge Magnum Bolt Pattern

Similar to Dodge Charger, Dodge Magnum is also used to refer several different cars, in which Dodge Magnum bolt pattern might also be different in those series. However, you might not find any big gap between each of them because they are basically using the same nameplate. Bolt pattern is necessary to notice to help you find the right measurement of wheels you would like to purchase to replace the original one on your Dodge Magnum. Though you may find it a bit complicated, but it does not make you go fine without any preferences. See : 2016 Dodge Charger Black Rims

2016 Cool Dodge Magnum Bolt Pattern

Dodge Magnum Bolt Pattern Details

Before getting yourselves know about the bolt pattern of this car, get yourselves find the birth of the car itself first. In 1978, the first generation of Dodge Magnum United States was first established. This Magnum got two sub-models, which were XE and GT. This car was partly like Dodge Charger, its predecessor but with aerodynamic capability, so that it was quite eligible for NASCAR. Later, in 1979, another new one was given birth, but without the V8 engine which was available on the previous generation. However, this model was quite advanced in technology compared to others, with onboard spark control computer from inception, lockup torque converter and electronic ignition. See : How to Choose Dodge Magnum Custom Interior

2008 Dodge Magnum Bolt Pattern

Those were Dodge Magnum produced for the US market while Brazil also got its own version of Dodge Magnum. Yet, Brazilian Dodge Magnum was preceded by Dodge Dart which was first manufactured in 1969. It kept being produced until 1981. The market was quite massive, until in 1979, the Dodge Magnum was launched, introduced as the two-door upper trim level version of the Dodge Dart. Not only does Brazil which was taken place by Dodge Magnum’s market, but also Mexico. Through a number of changes and transformation, the official Mexican Dodge Magnum was first made public in 1970 as the sport car version Chrysler de Mexico.

2006 Dodge Magnum Bolt Pattern

From the previous brief explanation, you might be able to figure out the long journey of Dodge Magnum, completed with its distinct and classic models which are quite attractive for some people. While modifying its wheels is also interesting, you surely need to know that you might find its bolt pattern a bit different from the other. Dodge Magnum produced in 2004 till 2009 has its bolt pattern on 5×4.53 or 5×115 with medium offset. A bit different Dodge Magnum AWD bolt pattern is 5×4.53 or 5×115 with high positive offset.


Nissan Altima Bolt Pattern Reference

Not everyone is aware of the importance of knowing the exact right measurement of Nissan Altima bolt pattern, whenever they decide to modify its wheels. Bolt pattern is significant to notice since it will determine much of the specification of certain wheels to be used on your car. Bolt pattern would tell you certain information about the parts of the wheels that will be compatible to your car, which in this case is Nissan Altima, one of the most favorite sedan in the United States. Before reading through the bolt pattern details, it is not bad to equip yourselves with some information about the car first. See : Best Jeep Wrangler Bolt Pattern

nissan altima bolt pattern Blackcarr

Nissan Altima Bolt Pattern Details

Nissan Altima has been quite competitive in the United States, taking its position among other mid-sized sedans sold throughout the country, such as Toyota Camry and Honda Accord.

2010 nissan altima bolt pattern

Nissan Altima is divided into several generations, based on the model and year of the launching. The first generation was established in 1992, which was known as the model U13. This model has much adapted the model of Nissan Bluebird SSS and put “Stanza Altima” as its original name. Later, in 1998, the second child of Nissan Altima was born, with a label of model L30. It was produced until 2001. Its designer, Diane Allen gave the second generation an advanced glovebox and cup holders in the interior, completed with a folding back seat and depowered airbags. The third generation, model L31, was released in 2002, and kept being produced until 2006. Compared to the previous generations, this one had a larger interior room and also overall size. This generation was also the first one of the series which came in V6 engine. In addition, the fourth one was first made public in 2007 with models of L32A and D32. The generation was still on-production until 2012, before being replaced by the fifth generation which was introduced in 2013. This generation was given a name of model L33. See : Chrysler 300 Bolt Pattern

2004 nissan altima bolt pattern

The widely-varied series of Nissan Altima makes it urgent for you to know what year your car is produced if you want to know its bolt pattern. Nissan Altima produced from 1993 till 2001 has its bolt pattern on 4×4.5 or 4×114.3 with high positive offset. The following generations, started from those which are produced in 2002 till 2014 has a bit difference. Nissan Altima bolt pattern produced at that period has one more lugs, while the rest of the details are the same as the previous generations.